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senryu – damn spammers = polluposteurs maudits

damn spammers 
on Facebook!
Dracula blushes

polluposteurs maudits
à Facebook !
Dracule rougit

Richard Vallance

Why I hate Facebook and Why it is so Inimical and Dangerous to Research and Intellectual Pursuits: Click to ENLARGE:


It should scarcely come as a surprise to anyone who regularly visits our Blog, and reads our posts that I utterly DESPISE Facebook (Farcebook, F$*kbook, ForcedBook, FaceBoot etc., Foolbook etc). Here are my reasons, and they are all relevant to the encroachment of stupidity and frankly stupid people on legitimate pursuits on the Internet, not the least of which are scientific research and investigation, which, in blunt terms such persons are quite incapable of appreciating. If this sounds too harsh, as I know some of your are on Facebook, I have been for years! So I am as guilty as the next person for pandering after the lowest common denominator in human intelligence.

Lord knows it was never a question that I wanted to be on Facebook. The very thought turned my stomach. But I restricted my account to friends only, and would not let anyone post anything on it without my approval (moderation). Moreover, it is almost impossible to keep them from tracking you, and that scares the wits out of me. But, if you must stay on Facebook, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from their shameless intrusion on your privacy.

There are plenty of add-ons out there for browsers such as Chrome and Opera (which I use, because it is the cleanest browser around.  Here are some really powerful add-ons, most of which are available for both Chrome and Opera, and which will surgically remove at least 95% of Facebook's nasty intrusiveness:  AVG Privacy Fix, Do Not Track Me Online Protection (very powerful.... my browser has stopped over 9,000 trackers dead in their tracks in only 3 months), FaceBook Adless (Removes almost all of the Ads from your Farcebook page), HTTPS Everywhere (forces HTTPS or secure connections to ALL sites regardless), Remove Facebook Suggested Pages & Posts (!!!), Safe Browser, Scanner Sites (scans and blocks fraudulent sites), SurfPatrol and ZenMate. Even with ALL of these add-ons, my Opera browser is still fast, and in fact probably faster because almost no trackers, spammers or internet criminals can get at my sites, especially Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae. The very thought of our Blog being compromised, blocked or simply mashed to bits gives me the creeps.

In addition, consider these highly pertinent points:
1. Facebook adds “Friends” to your account, even when you try to block them! I have over 200, and I have not the faintest idea who most of them are, nor would I ever wish to, I am sure.
2. Facebook just recently decided to share ALL OF OUR INFORMATION WITH ALL ADVERTISERS WORLD-WIDE and all TRACKERS... and that means YOUR information too, and there is nothing you can do about it, short of installing at least all of the add-ons I have mentioned above. And they are very effective.
3. I know this for certain, because in my HTTPS secured e-mail account on gmx.com,


one of the securest online e-mail services, over 98% of spam is instantly blocked and the very very few that get through once every few weeks or so I can instantly add to the SPAM list, and hasta la vista. I strongly recommend gmx.com. Click the Banner to sign up.
4. Facebook is getting more and more intrusive and more and more shameless than ever, and if you do decide to stick with it, you are putting your privacy at great risk.

Of course, all of this is just my own opinion, but when fear of less of privacy becomes obsessive, as it has with me, this is the only way out. In fact, Facebook makes me paranoid almost to death. 
5. Finally, Facebook LOCKED my account because I never use it, which has got to be the one and only intelligent thing they ever did. It appears they are trying to rid themselves of all those who strip away most or all of the advertising, tracking and spamming nonsense from their pages. So much the better.

And if you think I will answer any posts from any one on Facebook, you have another think coming. Anyway, I canot anymore, and GOOD!  May they burn in hell.

More on Internet Security for you in the next Post.



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