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Knossos, Queens Megaron restored, Third Palace, Late Minoan IIIb (ca. 1450 BCE) Post 3 of 3:

Knossos Queen's Megaron g stairwell

Knossos Queen's Megaron h stairwells

Knossos Queen's Megaron i skylight


Knossos, Queens Megaron restored, Third Palace, Late Minoan IIIb (ca. 1450 BCE) Post 2 of 3:

Knossos Queen's Megaron d columns

Knossos Queen's Megaron e columns

Knossos Queen's Megaron f columns


POST 1,100: Knossos, Queens Megaron restored, Third Palace, Late Minoan IIIb (ca. 1450 BCE) Post 1 of 3:

Knossos Queen's Megaron a general view

There is only one building on the site of the ruins of Knossos which has been fully restored, and that is the so-called magnificent Queens Megaron. It is an edifice of startling beauty, and contains the first known throne in any ancient palace in Europe.

Knossos Queen's Megaron b

Knossos Queen's Megaron c columns

The Throne Room is adorned with stunning frescoes of griffins, as illustrated here:

Knossos Queen's Megaron Throne Room


More photos from Knossos (stairs and foundations): Post 2 of 2


Knossos stairs and foundations d


Knossos stairsa nd foundationse


Knossos stairs to Queen's Megaron


Palace of Knossos – Queen’s Megaron – ceremonial stairwell (Click to ENLARGE each photo):

Knossos stairwell to the Queen's Megaron

Knossos Queen's Megaron columns in late afternoon sunlight


Photos taken by yours truly on May 2, 2012



Knossos: the magnificent Queen’s Megaron (Late Minoan III) [Click to ENLARGE]:

Knossos New Palace stairwells & Queen's Megaron

In Linear B, WANAKATERO literally means “the house of the King or Queen” and in this case, the Linear B title refers to “the  new palace of the Queen”, which is, I can assure you, a masterpiece of Minoan architecture at its zenith.  This is the only building which has been completely restored from the ruins of the Last Palace (Late Minoan III ca. 1450 BCE).


Samples of Colours on Frescoes at Knossos: The Griffin Fresco in the Queen’s Megaron (Click to ENLARGE):

Knossos Griffin fresco Queen's throne room

In this splendid example of colours on frescoes at the Palace of Knossos, “The Griffin Fresco in the Queen’s Megaron”, I have given the names of the most common colours used on Minoan/Mycenaean frescos.   The Linear B characters and their Latin equivalents are shown for the first 6 colours in this illustration.  In the next post, you will be able to view portions of the famous fresco, the so-called “Les Parisiennes” and the equally lavish “Blue Bird or Caravanseri'” fresco, with the Latin equivalents of the Linear B characters shown for the next 6 colours [7] – [12].


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