Argentée, my beautiful little cat, has now survived one year since her life-threatening illnesses from Dec. 2015 to June 2016:

Here are two photos of my lovely little cat, Argentée, who has amazingly survived two dreadful illnesses, first in Dec. 2015, when she had to have 7 teeth extracted and she contracted liver disease. That made her very weak for about two months.  The second serious bout of illness she suffered came in the spring and lasted until June, when I finally figured out that, because she is an outdoor cat (on a long leash, of course) she contracted parasites. She age almost nothing in the spring and she only recovered, and very well indeed, when I administered her monthly doses of antiparisites until December. Her appetite soared, and she now eats like a pig. Still, she does not gain any weight, remaining very skinny. Oh well, so long as she is healthy.  She sure is a tough old gal.



She has lost a lot of weight since then. She used to weigh about 5 kg. when she was younger, but now she is down to half that size, 2.5 kg.! She is so small now she looks like an older kitten rather than the older cat she now is, at age 13 going on 14. Her birthday is in May 2017, when she will turn 14. It sure looks like she is going to make it now.