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Astroku 12 – bubble nebula = nébuleuse de la bulle

Astroku 12 – bubble nebula = nébuleuse de la bulle


bubble nebula 
if you are my heart
I am yours we are

français :

nébuleuse de la bulle
si tu es mon coeur nous sommes
tu es le mien


nebulosa a bolle
se tu sei il mio cuore
io sono il tuo


nebulosa di bolle
sì u mo core
sò eiu


nebulosa de burbuja
si tu eres mi corazon
soy todo tuyo


nebulosa de bolhas
se você é meu coração
eu sou seu


wenn du mein Herz bist
ich gehöre dir


kupla nebula
jos olet sydämeni
olen sinun

ancient languages:


bulla nebulosa
si animus meus es
animus sum tuus


takku alpaš essi
takku kardiš essi
takku kardiš esmi

literal translation:

if you are my cloud
if you are my heart
if I am your heart

NOTICE the transparent connection with the Hittite verb “es” = to be
with Latin “esse”, the French “être”, the italian “essere”, Spanish
& Portuguese “estar”, and I could go on and on. Not only that, the
third person singular of the English verb “to be” is “is” and the
German third person singular is “ist”! Astonishing eh? What this
all means is that all of the aforementioned Latin and modern
language verbs for “to be” are merely dialects of the original
ancient Indo-European Hittite “es”! Hittite is the oldest Indo-
European language dating from 3,500 BCE, i.e. 5,500 years ago!
So there is nothing new under the sun!

And what about the Hittite word for “heart” = kardiš.  Sound
familiar? You bet! French = “le coeur”, Italian = “cuore”,
Corsican “core”, Spanish = “corazon”, Portuguese = “coração”.
I needn't belabour the point. Once again, all of the aforementioned
modern Romance language nouns for Hittite “ kardiš” are merely
dialects of the original ancient Indo-European Hittite. Hittite
is the oldest Indo-European language dating from 3,500 BCE,
i.e. 5,500 years ago! So there is nothing new under the sun! 

Richard Vallance

© by/ par Richard Vallance 2020

photo public domain Pixabay, the Bubble Nebula/ domaine public Pixabay, la Nébuleuse de la bulle”

senryu – heart to heart = parler à coeur ouvert

a heart to heart
with my tuxedo cat
spaces her out!

heart freaked out Tuxedo Cat

parler à coeur ouvert
avec ma chatte tuxedo
la laisse flippée !

Richard Vallance

spring haiku de printemps – forest cat = chat forestier

what a forest cat
in the melting snow!
you melt my heart!

Norwegian Forest Cat 620

quel chat forestier
dans la neige qui fond !
tu fais fondre le coeur !

Richard Vallance

This is a photo of a gorgeous black and white Norwegian Forest Cat in melting snow.

Voici une photo d’un chat forestier norvégien adorable dans la neige qui fond.

summer haiku d’été – the grasshopper = la sauterelle

the grasshopper
chirruping its heart out–
music to my ears

grasshopper haiku 620

la sauterelle
qui pépie de tout son coeur –
musique aux oreilles

Richard Vallance

senryu – Mozart’s Mozart’s Night Music = la Musique de nuit 

Mozart’s Night Music
infinite orchestras play
plays on our heart strings

Mozart a little night music

la Musique de nuit 
d’orchestres infinis
fait vibrer nos coeurs

Richard Vallance

summer haiku d’été – the sunset is RA = coucher de soleil RA 

pray sunset, RA,
the whole world’s in your hands –
your heart our hearts

sunset RA haiku 620

coucher de soleil,
RA, le monde entre tes mains –
ton coeur nos coeurs

Richard Vallance

senryu – a lovely man = un bel homme REVISED

senryu – a lovely man = un bel homme revised révisé

a lovely man
is a jewel in the crown
if his heart is fair

a lovely man senryu

un bel homme
est un bijou de la couronne
si son coeur est juste

Richard Vallance


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