All POSTS dealing with the Theory of Progressive Linear B, Grammar and Vocabulary, are found on this page. The Theory of Progressive Linear B is a new theory which I myself have deduced from existing Linear B tablets, and from forms NOT attested on any Linear B tablets, whereby I intend to develop a relatively comprehensive grammar and extended vocabulary of both attested and non-attested forms of Linear B, with a marked emphasis on the latter. This Blog has a separate page for the theory of Progressive Linear B, filed under the primary tag, Linear B.  I will be including all grammatical forms, both attested and non-attested, on this page in the category, GRAMMAR, and an extended and greatly enhanced vocabulary of Linear B, in the category, VOCABULARY, again both attested and non-attested.  In both of these categories (Grammar & Vocabulary) there is a marked emphasis on non-attested forms, which form the basis of my new theory, never before applied in research into Linear B.   My theory is to account for conjugations of nouns, adjectives and all verbal tenses, voices, moods and participles, again with a marked emphasis on unattested forms.  By applying the principles of Progressive Linear B, I hope to greatly expand both the grammatical paradigms and the vocabulary of Linear B, over the course of the next 2-3 years, say, 2013-2016.   Once I have constructed my comprehensive grammar and vocabulary of Linear B, and have brought it to fruition, I intend to publish a book, in print and in PDF format online, The Theory of Progressive Linear B, Grammar and Vocabulary, sometime in 2016 or 2017.