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spring haiku de printemps – picked buttercup = renoncule cueillie

picked buttercup,
our yellow souvenir
under the chin!

buttercup haiku 620

renoncule cueillie,
quelle mémoire jaune
sous le menton !

Richard Vallance

wildlife – summer haiku d’été - the living montage = le montage en vie

our lasting wildlife
passing through summer,
this living montage

living montage 620

la faune chez nous
qui passe tout l’été,
ce montage en vie

Richard Vallance

wildlife winter haiku d’hiver – if our wildlife = si la faune chez nous

if our wildlife
survive winter’s hunger
where are their years? 

wildlife winter collage haiku 620

si la faune chez nous
survit à la faim d’hiver
où sont les années ?

Richard Vallance

We humans celebrate artificial years. For wildlife, there are no years, only one day’s life, which is far more natural.
Nous autres, les humains, nous célébrons les années artificielles. Mais pour la faune, il n’y a que la vie d’aujourd’hui, ce qui est beaucoup plus naturel.

Stars that Never Shine (Triolet)


There are no stars that never shine;
They’re shining brightly just for you.
And even when they don’t align,
There are no stars that never shine.
Though heart and mind may feel resigned,
Deep in your soul you know it’s true,
There are no stars that never shine;
They’re shining brightly just for you.

2018 © Sonya Annita Song

If you have never tried writing a triolet, what are you waiting for?

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And You Will Never Know


The ocean murmurs to the beach
And all the grains of sand,
“There’s so much that you’ll never see
Upon your wisp of land.
You’ll never know how dolphins play
Deep in the ocean wild
Or how a floral tapestry
Blooms underneath beguiled.”

The grains of sand in turn reply,
“And you will never know
How beautiful you are to us
Caught in your afterglow.”

2018 © Sonya Annita Song

Thank you to all of the bloggers who participated in the Prompt: Murmurs. It was a joy to read such wonderful responses. 🙂

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spring haiku de printemps – RMS Titanic

glaciers calving
off Greenland, Iceberg Alley -
RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic haiku 620

glaciers déchirés
du Groenland, couloir d'icebergs -
RMS Titanic

Richard Vallance

winter haiku d’hiver - wolf panting = un loup qui halète

wolf panting
in a snow drift
his paw in a trap

wolf trapped haiku

un loup qui halète
dans un amas de neige
sa patte piégée

Richard Vallance

senryu - peace on earth = la paix sur terre

is seeking
peace on earth
a pipe dream?

peace on earth senryu 620

à la recherche
de la paix sur terre
est-ce une chimère ?

Richard Vallance

poème par Louis-Dominique Genest dévoué à la chère mémoire de Daisy, 2003-2015
poem by Louis-Dominique Genest dedicated in loving memory of Daisy, 2003-2015

Adieu petite écaille de tortue.
Tu es morte dans la baignoire
comme pour retourner à l'eau,
à la mer originelle
et aller te souder à l'éternité. 

poem for Daisy by Louis-Dominique Genest 620

English translation:

Adieu little tortoiseshell.
You died in the bathtub
as though returning to water,
to the primeval sea
where you have married yourself to eternity.

Louis-Dominique Genest
le 28 décembre December 28 2018

As of December 29 2018, we have 100 haiku on our PINTEREST board, Canadian haiku canadiens. Click to visit:

Canadian haiku canadiens 100 haiku December 29 2018 620

summer haiku d’été – baby elephant = un éléphanteau

baby elephant
lost on the steppes -
her mother shot

baby elephant haiku

un éléphanteau
perdu dans les steppes -
sa mère abattue

Richard Vallance

summer haiku d’été – on the portage – sur le portage

well before dawn
on the portage
misty ferns

haiku ferns in the mist

bien avant l’aube
sur le portage
fougères dans la brume

Richard Vallance

Happy Holidays to All


Best wishes for the Holidays and a Prosperous and peaceful 2019 to all!

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Stone Age food was haute cuisine


Some types of fish roe these days are seen as luxury foods. Perhaps it’s been that way for 6000 years.
Jean-Blaise Hall/Getty Images

Original article:

Analysis of cooking gunk from six millennia ago reveals a surprisingly sophisticated palate. Andrew Masterson reports.

The meal – or, more likely, the dish, one element of a more varied repast – was simple, but elegantly so. It comprised freshwater carp eggs, cooked in a fish broth.

The top of the earthenware bowl in which it was prepared was sealed with leaves of some sort – the eggs perhaps fried off before the stock was added, the leaves holding in steam and perhaps also adding a note or two of their own.

All up, then, the dish – a fish roe soup a little like a Korean altang, perhaps, or a Thai tom yam khai pla – likely had a pleasing and rounded…

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winter haiku d’hiver – stray cat = chatte égarée

winter haiku d’hiver – stray cat = chatte égarée

stray cat
having given birth
freezes to death

haiku stray cat frozen

chatons nouveaux-nés
la chatte égarée
meurt de froid

Richard Vallance


autumn haiku d’automne – the day of the dead = le jour des morts

the day of the dead
the procession of the candles
snuffed out by a storm


le jour des morts
la procession aux chandelles
éteintes par un orage

Richard Vallance

One tragedy (the death of my sweet cat, Daisy) leads to another.
Une tragédie ( la mort de ma chère chatte, Daisy ) fait apparaître une autre.

Personal tragedy, winter haiku d’hiver tragédie personnelle – in the dead of winter = au coeur de l’hiver

in the dead of winter
my tortoiseshell cat Daisy
stone cold dead

Daisy haiku620

au coeur de l’hiver
ma chatte écaille de tortue Daisy 
raide morte

Richard Vallance

I just found my adorable tortoiseshell cat, Daisy, dead in the bathtub upstairs today, Friday 28, 2018, at 4:30 p.m. She was 15 years old. I feel shattered by her death.

Je viens de trouver ma chatte écaille de tortue adorable, Daisy, morte dans la baignoire, aujourd’hui, à seize heures quinze, vendredi, le 28 décembre, 2018. Elle avait quinze ans. Je me sens ébranlé par sa mort.    

summer haiku d’été – whooping crane = grue blanche  d’Amérique

what a ruckus! 
a whooping crane
hot for a mate

whooping crane haiku

quel remue-ménage !
grue blanche d’Amérique

Richard Vallance

summer haiku d’été

faraway dancers
in the moonlight
stars in the lake

haiku stars in the lake

danseuses lointaines
au clair de lune
étoiles dans le lac

Richard Vallance

Canadian equivalent of Basho’s “old pond” haiku REVISED = équivalent canadien du haiku « vieil étang » de Basho RÉVISÉ

beaver pond
frog springs

beaver pond haiku620

étang des castors
la grenouille s’élance

Richard Vallance

3 excellent translations of the original haiku from:

matsuo basho old pond examples

original haiku:

furu ike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto

old pond kanji latinized


old pond
frog leaping

Cid Corman

the old pond,
a frog jumps in:

Alan Watts

the old pond —
a frog jumps in,
sound of water.

Robert Hass

old pond kanjia

2 horrible translations:

A lonely pond in age-old stillness sleeps . . .
Apart, unstirred by sound or motion . . . till
Suddenly into it a lithe frog leaps. 

Chris Hidden Page

The old pond, yes, and
A frog-jumping-in-the-
Water’s noise! 

G. S. Fraser

from the Commentary on this page:

Ya is a cutting word that separates and yet joins the expressions before and after. It is punctuation that marks a transition — a particle of anticipation.
Though there is a pause in meaning at the end of the first segment, the next two segments have no pause between them. In the original, the words of the second and third parts build steadily to the final word oto. This has penetrating impact — “the frog jumps in water’s sound.” Haiku poets commonly play with their base of three parts, running the meaning past the end of one segment into the next, playing with their form, as all artists do variations on the form they are working with. Actually, the name “haiku” means “play verse.”

It is highly advisable to read this entire commentary.


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