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How is my Progress?

I haven’t post for while and here is my update 🙂

I am learning Middle Egyptian by James P. Allen.

It is a wonderful book for people who are serious about learning Hieroglyphic and hieroglyphs.

SoI am learning ancient Egyptian grammar.

And it’s super fun! To be able to read hieroglyphs and understand hieroglyphic! Not just I know how each sign sounds. But meanings as well. Even after thousands of years passed I can communicate with them!

Through the book I am learning verbs, nouns, phrases and so on. Everything I need to be able to read and understand hieroglyphs fluently.

How I Learn Middle Egyptian

What is the hardest part of learning?
I thought the hardest part was memorizing all signs and words. But it is actually my own frustration of feeling like I am not smart enough.

But if I could go pass though…

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