If this is an authentic Linear B tablet, I will eat my hat. Most of the ideograms are obviously phoney. I begin to doubt the sanity of this author.

Mycenaean Miscellany

This Monday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from the curator of the antiquities collection at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, with remarkable news: the elderly Professor Ashley, who had retired to Wellington some years ago from his post at Miskatonic University, had died, and bequeathed his significant private collection to the museum.  Among the items catalogued by his executor was, apparently, “a clay tablet, bearing upon it an inscription in the Minoan script of Linear Class B”.  Accompanying the paperwork was a photo of his father, who had preceded him as Professor of Ancient History at Miskatonic, posing with Arthur Evans at Knossos and dated to 1904; it must be supposed that the tablet was gifted to him during that visit, giving it a provenance not unlike that of the fragment at University College London.  The elder Professor Ashley had passed away in 1946, prior…

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