RE the critique, On the Dangers of Bad Linear B Scholarship, please followers, HELP, tell me what should I do about this post I have re-blogged?

Here is the original article criticizing my dreadful scholarship: Click on the text below to go there:

on the dangers of bad scholarship

I have never posted anything like this post, but I am so terribly upset and depressed by this review I feel like giving up on Linear B for good, because what good is someone who does not know what he is saying? I feel like I should and I must delete my article,

The Decipherment of Supersyllabograms in Linear B

because obviously it is just so much garbage. It seems to me I have learned nothing about Linear B. I am so sorry for posting this, but I just do not know what to think or what to do. If no one wants to comment on this stupid post, that is OK. There is nothing I can do.