Hello. I read your article here, and I find it very interesting. Your counter arguments against my hypothesis of supersyllabograms make eminent sense, and you may be right and I may be entirely wrong. As for tablet numbers which you say do not exist, I used the tablet numbers assigned by Evans, because I could not find the more recent and correct tablet numbers. I hope you can send me the link, because I have been desperately looking it for a long time. You can contact me at my e-mail address, with my thanks in advance for all you have said here:


I am sorry to hear that my research is bad, but John Chadwick himself came to the same conclusions as myself, but only on 2 tablets, Prof. Killen found 7 of the same syllabograms and came to the same conclusion(s) as myself, and Marie-Louise Nosch assigns the same or similar values to textiles, which is her specialty (she does not investigate other sectors of the Mycenaean economy). So as I said, I find your conclusions most intriguing, and may be dead wrong. But I did my best. That is my only defense I can come up with. Please let me know who you are as an individual by name, if you wish to do so.

I would like to ask you whether or not you have investigated other word beside se-pe-me-ri.

Please understand that my knowledge of ancient Greek is very sound, if that means anything.

With all my thanks

Richard Vallance Janke


It has become so cliché as to seem barely worth mentioning that the internet has been both good and bad for the spread of knowledge. So much is especially true of the Aegean Bronze Age, between new-age appropriations of the Minoans as the first iteration of the flower power movement and the siren’s song of undeciphered scripts (to say nothing of the madness inspired by the Phaistos Disk).  It was with such thoughts in mind that I conceived of e-pe-me-ri, with the goal of spreading accurate and accessible information on Linear B.  For individual words, which can be discussed in the 140-word bursts dictated by the medium, I hope it has proved at least initially successful.  At the very least, there seems to be a fair degree of interest.

However, some issues demand more fulsome treatment, and it is with that in mind that I have established this blog.  The name, e-ni-jo-te, is…

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