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Mycenaean Miscellany

This is the first of what I imagine will be a recurring series which will probably just end up as an excuse for me to geek out about some minor detail I find on a tablet and then tell everyone about it.  With luck, the fun part won’t be entirely one-sided.

How do normal people spend Wednesday evenings?  Not, I imagine, flicking through pictures of the Linear B tablets from Thebes.  But as you’ve probably picked up by now, I’m quite comfortable being entirely abnormal, and so that’s exactly what I was doing last night.  It was quite good fun – the pictures are sharp, and the transliterations are included beneath the tablets so you can check your readings – and, when you reach tablet Gp 134, realize that your reading doesn’t match theirs.

Here’s the published photo and facsimile of the tablet:

TH Gf 134TH Gf 134 Fascimile

The top line is unproblematic: a man’s…

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