Superb translation! Richard


Looking to avoid the hordes to be found in restaurants, this Valentine’s Day found my girlfriend and me walking along the beach, take-away Greek souvlaki in hand, enjoying the slowly dying sun of a late summer’s day.  Treading along in the shallows, the companionship, weather, and setting combined to inspire in me a contentment and  relaxation so deep that I failed to notice a larger wave racing in, which caught me about the knees and did its utmost to strip me of my balance; by some feat of unexpected athleticism I kept both my feet and my grip on my dinner.

As I steadied myself, I did a double-take at what I saw lying on the sand before me: long and narrow, baked to a pale ruddy orange that stood out against the golden sand, was unmistakably a Linear B tablet.  How it survived in the water I cannot begin…

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