Mycenaean Linear B and Minoan Linear A tablets with leading eponyms in the first position on the first line of tablets: PART B

In addition to the eponym, Dumirewe, mentioned three times in Mycenaean Linear B and the two eponyms, Asiyaka & Kirita2 or Kiritai mentioned twice each in Minoan Linear A in the previous post, here you see 6 Mycenaean Linear B tablets with 7 eponyms (personal names) on them:

Several eponyms in Mycenaean Linear B

followed by 5 tablets in Minoan Linear A with 5 eponyms on them:

several Linear A eponyms = names

All of the eponyms on both the Minoan Linear A and Mycenaean Linear B tablets adhere to the same formula, just as we outlined it in the previous post, and I repeat:

Once again, the principle of leading eponyms is firmly based on their strictly linear placement on the first line of both Minoan Linear A and Mycenaean Linear B tablets, and their position on that line, which is always the leading, in other words, in both syllabaries, the eponym typically and almost always appears in the first position of the first line. This strictly formulaic placement of eponyms in the leading position on tablets is typical of both syllabaries, since they are both used for inventories alone.

I am therefore convinced that the 5 words in the leading position on the 5 Minoan Linear A tablets are, like their 7 counterparts on 6 tablets in Mycenaean Linear B, eponyms.