KEY Linear A Minoan Language Blog back online after 4 years lying fallow!

The extremely important Minoan Language Blog by Andras Zeke of Hungary is back online after 4 years lying fallow. I am hugely impressed by the highly conscientious and meticulous work Andras has poured into his magnificent blog, and I am delighted he is back online. Click on its banner to visit his site

Minoan language blog 2016

and if you are worth your salt as a Mycenaean Linear B and potential Minoan Linear A researcher, I strongly recommend you follow his blog. I am actually flabbergasted by the fact that Andras has come back online just as I have begun deciphering Minoan Linear A in the vessels and wine sectors at least. The co-incidence seems too amazing to be true, but I am a firm believer in serendipity and the intervention of Providence, whatever that is!