Such a LOVELY dog! And I love the photo of him yawning!

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It has been a while now , just a week before Xmas since we adopted Koko from the Animal Rescue shelter namely ‘TAKIS SHELTER’ whom I first blogged about. So I thought my fellow bloggers would like to see how he has settled down. considering he was quite scared when we first brought him into the house as he was shaking and looking so worried, you know that when dogs hunch themselves almost into a ball and back away from wherever you want them to go. However, it did not take long for Koko to get used to our routine and likewise us to get used to his  adoring little ways.  I swear animals can tell the time, well food time and of course walk times, he also loves his own space. Such as, every now and again he will suddenly decide to go and sit under one of our dining room chairs as there is quite a…

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