While this post is NOT about Linear B, it is about a wonderful dog shelter in Crete, and I know you will all love the photos of the puppies and dogs who are so lucky to live there! Rita Roberts has adopted one of them!


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Takis Shelter is a haven for rescue dogs, and this is where John and I travelled to Irapetra in Crete to look for another dog in order to give it a good home.  Although I said I would not have another dog after losing Ben a few years ago, we found that the house seemed empty without him. You people out there who are animal lovers will understand what I mean. For instance, when you come back from shopping or a day out somewhere there is no one to greet you on your return, also we tend to forgo our walks which you have to do when you have a dog. We missed having Ben walking beside us, and many other little things which go with having a dog. So yesterday Wednesday was the big day for us to go to see Takis that’s the owners name to see if he…

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