Re: Mycenaean Linear B Ideograms Level 5.1 Advanced/Military B 230 – 259:


For some time now I have been studying the Linear B Military Ideogram no 259 and could not think or even imagine what it could possibly be.

It was only when I recently had cause to refresh my memory as to the Military ideograms in readiness for the next Linear B  Translation I have to work on that it suddenly appeared to me this ideogram may quite possibly resemble a “bow and arrow”. Could this be I wondered, or is it meant to be just a bow?

My Research: 

With this image in mind I carried out my research hoping to find some proof of my idea by first consulting ‘Wikimedia Commons’ but here I found no evidence except for the actual ideogram as above, but with no meaning. The only significant information I found was on SALIMBETI.COM “The Greek age of Bronze”. Here there was  one picture (see below) of a man with a simple curved bow which I thought looked anything near the ideogram 259, if in fact, it corresponds to what I think it to be. If not, maybe someone else may have an idea what this Ideogram 259 could be. There is more info about bows but more to do with Hunting on the site mentioned
Man with a Simple curved bow (Seal from Malia)

   Minoan simple curved bow

Rita Roberts