My, my, what a beautiful sonnet this is! Extremely well thought-out. The inclusion of actual Linear B text in this sonnet really impresses me, and I am a sonneteer. If only we could get in touch with its author, whom I think is a really fine poetess, to be able to pull this off. Richard

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I found this SONNET written by a Graduate Student archaeologist while she was visiting the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford  I think she was supposed to be writing some essays, and included this Sonnet, which I find rather appropriate seeing that I am studying Linear B. Her name is Sarah Hawley.  Thank you Sarah !.

The Pylos archives bring me to my knees

The pinnacle of pinacology

I have no life, you say; I don’t agree

I have no friends, but I have Linear B

Oh, Tn 316 can thrill me more:

The human sacrifice; a hasty plea

Your text meant naught, alas Hand 44-

All kingdoms fade to dust eventually

The po-ro-ko-re-te (Vice  Governor ) wants fifty sheep-

Such poetry sends joy throughout my soul !

Redistribution haunts me in my sleep-

Obsession, yes, my passion takes its toll

I welcome scorn, for desperate as I seem,

I much prefer my Mycenaean dream.

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