Fascinating! I just work with Linear A Linear B & Linear C, but this is something else! I have to at least look at it! Thanks, Rita. Richard

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A Pictish symbol-stone engraved with a possibly unique distribution of markings has been hailed by archaeologists as ‘probably Morays most important Pictish finds for a decade’.

Measuring some 1.7m in length and weighing over a ton, the stone was identified by Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology Service (ACAS) after a Craigellachie landowner reported that his ploughman had ‘broken his plough on a rather large stone with evidence of some type of carving on the side’.  It has been interpreted as a class one  symbol-stone (that is, an unworked stone with symbols-but not crosses incised on it), a type usually associated with the 6th-8th centuries AD.  One face is decorated with an image of a large eagle, with a crescent and V-rod design below, while a second face bears carvings of a mirror-case symbol ,notch rectangle, and Z rod . These are all fairly typical Pictish symbols, found on other stones in the area…

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