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MENUS & Categories
In response to a concern professed by one of our regular blog viewers, a concern undoubtedly shared with many others, I have designed for your convenience the handy little graphical guide you see above. On a blog as large as ours, with far in excess of 500 posts in a little over 19 months, a very high posting rate for a blog on something as esoteric and far-fetched as Mycenaean Linear B, Minoan Linear A & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, among other linguistic research areas of primary concern to us, is it any wonder that we have classified our blog Menus and Categories to such a level of precision? There is simply no way around this approach to archived posts, given that our blog is already the third largest Linear B blog on the entire Internet. Simply by clicking on any Menu or Category item, you will be immediately taken to all of the archival entries under the same.

There is a distinction between Menus & Categories.

Menus refer either to general posts under that topic or to Links to other major Linear B (-related) sites.

Categories are much more comprehensive. Virtually all archival entries under the Category you are interested in searching will be brought up for you to research at your leisure, in reverse chronological order. Categories are further sub-divided into MAJOR (in CAPS or UC) and Minor (LC). Some Categories contain a great many posts. The greatest number of posts by far fall under the Categories, Tablets & Scripta Minoa (for tablets at Knossos only), but we have not capitalized these, because while they are of great interest to all Linear B tablet decipherment specialists and translators, they are not the primary focus of our blog, in spite of their transparent importance to Linear B research. We lay particular, even heavy, emphasis on the Categories in CAPS (UC), since these are the primary drivers in the mission of our Blog. For instance, while it does not include all that many posts, the Category SUPERSYLLABOGRAMS is one of the most significant categories on our blog, because it is one of the Theories which we intend to advance and to publish papers on in the next year or so. Note that, although the Category, NASA, being an Acronym, is in CAPS, it is of course not a Major Category.

Ours is also a teaching blog. Yes, I actually teach Linear B for free to anyone who wishes to learn it. Just ask Rita Roberts. She knew no Greek at all almost 2 years ago; now she is very competent in Mycenaean Linear B, and she has become my trusted research colleague and side-kick. I do not know where I would have been now without her great helping hand.   

I trust that this little graphic guide will clear up any questions or concerns anyone may still have relative to the sub-classification of archived posts on our blog. If you are still unsure over how our system works, please feel free to leave a Comment at any time.