Is this cloth gold? Your guess is as good as mine... Click to ENLARGE:

Linear B supersyllabogram KU cloth 514 R r 01 PAwea 515 R 516 R

The supersyllabogram KU, as used in the specific context of textiles or cloth, poses real problems to the researcher attempting to decipher it, because there is nothing in any of the Linear B glossaries or lexicons on the Internet which really fits the bill. So we have to make our best guess, which is of course what I have done, right, wrong or whatever, in accordance with my usual practice. There isn’t really much else to say, except to give a tentative translation to each of these tablets. Here are my best guesses:

KN 514 R r 01:
Line 1: 14 rolls of cloth (of gold?) (& delivery? of.... cloth...?)      
Line 2: 18 rolls of cloth (possibly 19) – translation is secure.

KN 515 R r 11:
29? rolls of cloth (of gold?). NOTE: it is really peculiar, but the scribe has reversed the no. 29, placing the digits (9) before the tens (20). This makes no sense to me, but I am not the scribe.

KN 516 R r 12:
2 rolls of cloth (of gold?)