Examples of 2 Site-specific Linear B Tablets from Knossos Dealing with Sheep, Rams & Ewes

Here are 2 of the 503 Linear B tablets dealing specifically sheep, rams and uses, from the huge cross-section of 2,500 Linear B tablets at Knossos which I closely examined for content. They serve as fine illustrations of the 138 site-specific tablets and fragments which I further isolated from the 503 overall dealing with sheep in general.

First, we have Linear B tablet KN 934 G y 201, which references sheep, rams and ewes at EKOSO, Exonos, the sheep raising locale accounting for 15 or 10.9 % of the 138 Linear B tablets I examined dealing with sheep, rams and ewes. This sets the incidence for the number of times a specific locale for sheep husbandry at second place for Exonos, behind Kytaistos, Phaistos Lykinthos, each of which accounts for 20 tablets and fragments, at 14.49 %. So we can rest assured that, apart from Knossos, which was, as we pointed out in the previous post, the default locale, Exonos still plays an important rôle in sheep raising.

Linear B tablet KN 934 G y 201 (Click to ENLARGE):

Knossos Tablet KN 934 G y 201 sheep  Exonos

Next comes Linear B tablet KN 1342 E k 321, which is even more significant, as it centres on Phaistos, one of the three first place contenders for site-specific statistics on sheep husbandry, weighing in as it does 20 times or 14.49 % of the 138 tablets on sheep which are site-specific, out of a total of 503 tablets dealing with sheep in general. This leaves 356 tablets which are apparently not site-specific, although it is positively risky to assume that they are not locale-specific to Knossos itself, a critical issue I discussed at great length in the previous post, and to which I draw your undivided attention, if you are interested in or concerned with the contents of Linear B tablets at all, regardless of provenance.

Linear B tablet KN 1342 E k 321 (Click to ENLARGE):

Knossos Tablet 1342 E k 321 sheep at RATOYO and PAITO

Note that this tablet also references RATOYO (archaic genitive masc. singular), i.e. Lato, as a sheep raising locale, which accounts for 12 or 8.7 % of 138 site-specific tablets dealing with sheep, rams and ewes. This is precisely why I have used this particular tablet to illustrate sheep raising locales, because it, like several other tablets in this sub-set, mentions 2 sites, not just 1 locale, further attesting to the prime significance of sheep husbandry at the very core of the Minoan economy.