A Sampling of Linear B Fragments mentioning Knossos & its Harbour, Amnisos in Scripta Minoa (Click to ENLARGE):


This is only a small sampling of the scores of fragments and tablets in the Scripta Minoa mentioning Knossos and its harbour, Amnisos. In the next post, we will feature even more fragments mentioning Amnisos. It is critical to understand the prime importance of both Knossos & Amnisos together in tandem, just as one would picture the Pireaus with Athens and the port of Ostia with Rome.

One of these fragments also mentions the island of Lykinthos. I am providing a map here to pinpoint the precise location of each locale (Click to ENLARGE):

Lykinthos LEFT and Minoan Crete Knossos & Amnisos RIGHT