Tentative Interpretations of Previously “Undeciphered” Agricultural Ideograms - Click to ENLARGE:

Agricultural Ideograms new interpretations

The interpretations which I make here of the agricultural ideograms B248 (fig tree?), B251 (harvesting?), B252 (sowing?), B255 (livestock pen?),  B256 (single plough?) & B177 (furrowing plough?) are entirely tentative, but that is what they look like to me. Of course, other researchers and students of Linear B may see it far otherwise, and I welcome any comments or criticisms of my tentative values for these ideograms, and of course any alternative suggestions for the same.

The reason why I offer 2 possible derivations for ideogram B248 (fig tree?) is that the ideogram may be derived either from syllabo/ideogram B030 for “fig” = NI for “sukon” or from ideogram B176 for “tree” or indeed from both.

The next post is a Table previously Undeciphered Military Ideograms, a few of which I sincerely believe I have successfully cracked, while all of the others are again merely tentative, as for the “values” I have assigned to the agricultural ideograms above.

The question is (I hear you asking), why do you bother with trying to assign meaning(s) to ideograms no one has dared to “decipher” in the past 60 years or so?  My answer is a simple, Why not? Even if no one else dares to give it a shot, I might as well.