How to Install and Use the Linear B True Type Font by Curtis Clarke (Click to ENLARGE):

Linear B True Type Font by Curtis Clark
If you want to be able to type Linear B with your keyboard, you must first download the font, which you can easily do by scrolling to the bottom of this page to: Friends & Links, to LinearBTTF Font, which will take you to the page where you can download the Linear B Font. You must then install the Font in your Windows Fonts directory. I do not know the procedure for MAC users. Typing the appropriate UC (upper case) or LC (lower case) letter, number or non-alphanumeric character will produce the Linear B syllabogram associated with that character. This takes some getting used to, but in fact, the keyboard layout for Linear B is practical and logical, if you take the time to learn this. For instance, typing q w e r t will yield the Linear B vowels, A E I O U in that order. However, typing Q W E R T yields the Linear B syllabograms, TIYA PTE AI RIYO & SIYA. So be careful!  Likewise, a s d f g gives you TA TE TI TO TU, but A S D F G yields DA DE DI DO DU.

Anyone who is truly serious about learning Linear B should definitely learn how to type it on the keyboard, as writing it can be messy and arduous. It takes some getting used to, but you will master it eventually. Best of luck.