A Closer Look at Sir Arthur Evans' Attempts at Deciphering Certain Linear B Syllabograms (Part 2) [Click to ENLARGE]:

Sir A0rthur Evans Scripta Minoa Syllabograms Decipherment AB 35 38 51 56 57

These are the observations Sir Arthur Evans makes on the syllabograms and homophones Michael Ventris et al. were eventually to correctly decipher as:

Linear B:

PA2     Previously thought to be a homophone, actually the syllabogram QA, which can be difficult to distinguish from...
QO	also a syllabogram on Linear B tablets, due to the variable “handwriting” of various scribes
SE	which, being practically identical to Cypriot SE, has the same value. 
RA	which Evans correctly correlated with Cypriot LI (in the same syllabic series)
YU	(or JU) versus DU which Evans once again correctly differentiates
ZA	 which he knows perfectly well is equivalent to the Egyptian hieroglyph ANKH.

All of these insights were to prove invaluable to Alice Kober, Michael  Ventris et al., in the eventual decipherment of Linear B. I will be making further observations on Sir Arthur Evans' ground-breaking research later this month and in coming months, whenever and wherever they cast light on particular aspects of the eventual decipherment of Linear B.