Progressive Linear B: Level 4.2 Livestock Syllabograms (Click to ENLARGE):

Progressive Linear B Level 4.2 Livestock Syllabogrrams

It is absolutely essential to read the above table in its entirety if you wish to distinguish between Linear B Syllabograms and Ideograms for any field: agriculture, construction, manufacturing, trade, religion, the military etc., since the Linear B scribes followed a consistent procedure in the application of syllabograms and ideograms on extant tablets.  In other words, we can extrapolate a fundamental principle from scribal usage of syllabograms and ideograms.  At the specific level of livestock and animals in the field of agriculture, we note that scribes never used ideograms for land, land tenure or agricultural techniques, but only for livestock and animals. Even in the latter case, they only used syllabograms for generic animal nomenclature, e.g. “horse” and “pig”, but not for the masculine and feminine of that animal. The reasons, as I see them, are enumerated in this table.

Finally, to make it quite clear what an Ideogram is (in modern terms), I provide you with the following example:

modern ideograms

I have to say that I find the “Do not feed the birds” ideogram quite funny!