INTRODUCTION TO IDEOGRAMS: Level 4 (Advanced) 2014

Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

INTRODUCTION TO IDEOGRAMS: Level 4 (Advanced) 2014It is absolutely essential that you read the table below which includes (Click to ENLARGE):

MERITIRIYA ideograms man woman horse chariots[1] an actual extant Linear B tablet, which contains the ideogram for “woman” &
[2] examples of 5 basic ideograms for – man/human being, woman, horse, chariot (with wheels) & chariot without wheels.  It is vital to understand that there are well over 100 ideograms in Linear B, all of which you will have to learn if you are to translate Linear B tablets, since the scribes almost always made copious use of ideograms to save precious space on the small clay tablets they used for transcription of what was, after all, primarily accounting information. So once again, we are confronted with the phenomenon of shorthand, to which the Minoan & Mycenaean scribes had frequent recourse in principle and in practice, again…

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