New Linear B Lexicon: Part 1: Aikasama (point of a weapon) to Akuro (silver) (Click to ENLARGE):

NEW Linear B Lexicon Part 1 AIKASAMA to AKURO

This New Linear B Lexicon which I am gradually compiling is altogether different from the MYCENAEAN (Linear B) – ENGLISH Dictionary, which you can find all over the Internet, but which, as I have pointed out before, contains numerous errors.  You may rest assured that this one will not contain such errors.  I am leaving this in the public domain, so you can download & use it freely. Since the New Linear B Lexicon is to be quite large, I am dividing it alphabetically into parts, starting with Part 1, Aikasama (point of a weapon) to Akuro (silver). I will continue posting Part 2 onwards from now until sometime early 2014.