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Because I am learning how to read and write the ancient scripts of Crete I thought it appropriate to write about this subject on my blog.  Maybe some of you out there would be interested also in learning how to read the scripts which is useful when visiting museums. The script was written on clay tablets and first discovered by Sir Arthur Evans while excavating the great palace of Knossos, Crete in l900. It was Arthur Evans who named them Linear B. Other tablets were discovered at Knossos known as Linear A but these have not as yet been deciphered.

Several scholars  had attempted to decipher the tablets but it was Michael Ventris along with John Chadwick and Alice Kober who eventually cracked the code in l952


MichaelVentris studying linear B

Michael Ventris studying one of the Linear B Tablets

Michael Ventris spoke European languages fluently. He studied Latin and Greek at Stowe and at the age of fourteen he questioned…

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