Progressive Linear B: Vocabulary A-K, Level 3.2 (Intermediary):

It is of utmost importance that you read all the NOTES at the end of this vocabulary of 39 words, which is comprised of (far from all) the words from A-K in the Linear B vocabulary at Level 3.2 (Intermediate).  The NOTES in this post and all others subsequent to it which deal specifically with Linear B vocabulary presuppose some familiarity with Linear B grammar, and may entail some discussion of its numerous applications, as we progress deeper and deeper into Mycenaean Linear B.  Without a firm grasp of at least elemental Mycenaean Greek grammar, some of the new vocabulary I will be introducing will be more difficult to grasp, if not downright arcane.

Can I still master all of the most important Linear B syllabograms, even if I do not know much ancient Greek?

The short answer is, “yes”, albeit with some critical caveats.

For those of you who are learning Linear B vocabulary and grammar on our Blog, and who have not yet learned ancient Greek grammar, do not despair (or panic, for that matter), because the important thing for you is to learn as much of Linear B as you can readily grasp, and no more.  In other words, what I am saying is this: even if you are not familiar with ancient Greek, or even if you cannot understand some of the more complex grammatical forms of ancient Greek, such as the proliferation of participles and arcane cases like the optative, it won’t really matter much in the long run, since your goal is to be able to translate as many Linear B  tablets as you can, without being obliged to having recourse to ancient Greek grammar.   Believe me, even if you do not know much ancient Greek, you will be able to translate quite a few Linear B tablets. It matters even less when we consider that as you progress in your studies of Linear B vocabulary and grammar, you will in fact be learning the fundamentals of ancient Greek grammar, by which I mean very ancient.  There can be no Greek more ancient than Mycenaean.  So once you have mastered at least the fundamentals of Mycenaean Linear B, you will, if you like, be in a position to move on to learning classical ancient Greek, and it will be a lot easier for you to do this than if you had never learned Linear B to begin with.  But  that is another bridge to cross, and we’ll do just that, cross it later.

In the meantime, allow me to assure you that our approach to learning Linear B, based on the principles and practical implementation of my new Theory of Progressive Linear B, will enable you to learn everything you need to know about Linear B gammar and vocabulary, but were afraid to ask.  Yes, you will be enabled. That is what Progressive Linear B’s theoretical approach and application to the learning of Mycenaean Linear B is all about.

Of course, those of you who are familiar or expert with ancient Greek will be in the enviable position to be able to translate practically all of the extant Linear B tablets, though not without numerous hurdles and snags along the way, some of them formidable.


Progressive Linear B Syllabograms Level 3.2 Homophones

Thanks. Richard