A MUST SEE! A very English Genius on UTube on the life of Michael Ventris:

Hello friends and fellow enthusiasts of Linear B.  Thanks to a most timely e-mail from a dear friend and fellow Linear B enthusiast of Linear B, Rita, an archaeologist in Crete, who is learning Linear B from me, I watched the entire BBC Broadcast, A Very English Genius, on the life and devotion of Michael Ventris, the man who deciphered the ancient syllabary, Linear B, in July 1952.

Here is the link to the BBC broadcast, which I recommend in the most glowing terms to any and all of you who are truly fascinated by Linear B (CLICK on the Play button to play) :

This broadcast is in 7 parts on UTube, so you will need to click on Parts 2 to 7 in sequence to watch the entire program.  Each part is just over 8 minutes long, making the broadcast about 56 minutes in duration.