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PYRAMID in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mycenaean Linear B, ancient and modern Greek:

BNBNT = pyramid in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mycenaean Linear B, ancient and modern Greek


FALCON in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mycenaean Linear B, ancient Greek & modern Greek:

Egyptian hieroglyphics B I K = falcon + Linear B IERAKA + ancient and modern Geek



Knossos fragment KN 874 M k 111 according to Sir Arthur Evans as translated by Rita Roberts:

Knossos fragment KN 874 M k 111 according to Sir Arthur Evans



Knossos tablet KN 746 M 1 11 according to Sir Arthur Evans (stirrup jars) as translated by Rita Roberts:

Knossos Linear B tablet KN 746 M 1 11 as translated by Rita Roberts



Egyptian hieroglyphic for CROCODILE = DPY, definitely someone to avoid!!! He would eat the feathers anyway, and the bird to go with it, and you TOO if he had the chance!!!

Egyptian hieroglyphic DPY = crocodile



Egyptian hieroglyphics for BOAT = DPT

Egyptian hieroglyphics D P T = boat



The Egyptian hieroglyphic word for DAY = HRW

HRW = day


The Egyptian hieroglyphic word for pyramid = BNBNT

BNBNT = pyramid



The Egyptian hieroglyphic word for falcon BIK

B I K = falcon



I am learning Egyptian hieroglyphics! Here are my first posts!

Egyptian hieroglyphic uniliterals

Egyptian hieroglyphic uniliteral alternatives

Egyptian joke quail chick U or W



An Update with a huge apology.

Ritaroberts's Blog

Hello everyone, first of all please accept my apology for the lack of posts here on my blog. I will  endeavor to bring you up to date as to what has been happening for the past few months.

I think most of you know that I have been studying the ancient Mycenaean Linear B script writings which, I am happy to say is progressing well and I am now in my third year University level. However, during this time I had a couple of accidents , the first was when I fell down the stairs which are  tiled as we don’t need carpets with such warm weather in this country, in fact, all our floors are tiled, no carpets at all. When I fell I landed on my knees OUCH !  the result was damaged kneecaps and torn ligaments so I could not walk for some time and to get up and down the stairs…

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Translation of Knossos tablet KN 711a M h 01 according to Sir Arthur Evans by Rita Roberts:

KN 711 a M h 01

This translation pretty much speaks for itself. Rita amazed me by mastering the archaic ancient letter digamma #.


When you look at the advertisments for Crete, usually provided by the Greek tourist board, a huge amount of publicity is given to the ‘great Minoan civilisation’ discovered by Arthur Evans at the turn of the 20th century. Coach tours are offered to Knossos, the disneyland of archeology, where Evans poured concrete to recreate his ideas of what this fine civilisation meant.

He has written about a ‘pax Minoica’ a society that lived in peace under a matriarchal dynasty based on the legend of King Minos. A society of art and bull jumping and palaces with plumbing. It all sounds rather dreamlike. Perhaps it was.

After all, Evans invented the Minoans. The name came from the legend of King Minos who demanded Athenians to offer annual tribute to Crete of young men and maidens to be fed to the ‘minotaur’, the legendary half man half bull imprisoned in the labyrinth…

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If this is an authentic Linear B tablet, I will eat my hat. Most of the ideograms are obviously phoney. I begin to doubt the sanity of this author.

Mycenaean Miscellany

This Monday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from the curator of the antiquities collection at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, with remarkable news: the elderly Professor Ashley, who had retired to Wellington some years ago from his post at Miskatonic University, had died, and bequeathed his significant private collection to the museum.  Among the items catalogued by his executor was, apparently, “a clay tablet, bearing upon it an inscription in the Minoan script of Linear Class B”.  Accompanying the paperwork was a photo of his father, who had preceded him as Professor of Ancient History at Miskatonic, posing with Arthur Evans at Knossos and dated to 1904; it must be supposed that the tablet was gifted to him during that visit, giving it a provenance not unlike that of the fragment at University College London.  The elder Professor Ashley had passed away in 1946, prior…

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Translation of Linear B tablet Knossos KN 710 Ma 05 by Rita Roberts:

Linear B tablet KN 710 MA 05 by Rita Roberts

This translation is self-explanatory. The translation of the supersyllabogram O on top of the water jug is entirely appropriate. Notice that Rita Roberts is beginning to master the (archaic) ancient Greek alphabet.

Fun With Tablets: TH Gf 134

Excellent analysis. Kudos, and reblogged. You are very thorough in you research.


Mycenaean Miscellany

This is the first of what I imagine will be a recurring series which will probably just end up as an excuse for me to geek out about some minor detail I find on a tablet and then tell everyone about it.  With luck, the fun part won’t be entirely one-sided.

How do normal people spend Wednesday evenings?  Not, I imagine, flicking through pictures of the Linear B tablets from Thebes.  But as you’ve probably picked up by now, I’m quite comfortable being entirely abnormal, and so that’s exactly what I was doing last night.  It was quite good fun – the pictures are sharp, and the transliterations are included beneath the tablets so you can check your readings – and, when you reach tablet Gp 134, realize that your reading doesn’t match theirs.

Here’s the published photo and facsimile of the tablet:

TH Gf 134TH Gf 134 Fascimile

The top line is unproblematic: a man’s…

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Converting Linear B to ancient Greek, Rule 6a, TA TE TI TO TU:

Rule 6a t = t

Rule 6a is very simple. In the majority of Linear B words containing TA TE TI TO TU, these syllabograms must be converted to ta te ti to tu in (archaic) ancient Greek. However, by now it is becoming obvious that almost all or all of the previous rules we have already learned (1-5) also apply to almost all Greek words, and so we must always keep this in mind. In other words, multiple rules almost always apply to almost all Linear B words converted into Greek. The best way to confirm this is simply to check the Greek spelling in Tselentis of every single word you convert from Linear B into Greek. This requires perseverance and above all, practice, practice, practice, until it sinks in. From here on in, as we learn each additional rule, from 6b upwards, the number of multiple rules applying to almost every Linear B word converted into Greek will increase by 1 with each new rule. So far the number of multiple rules applying to each Linear B word converted into Greek = 1 2 3a 3b 4 5 6a for a maximum of 7 possible variations. With rule 6b, the maximum number of multiples will increase to 8.  Rule 6b follows in the next post.

John Chadwick recognized the Linear B supersyllabograms ZE & MO:

chadwick reading the past linear b 37 ZE zeugesi

chadwick reading the past linear b 38 MO mono

It is quite obvious from the excerpts above from Chadwick’s masterful, Reading the Past: Linear B and Related Scripts, © 1987 that he clearly recognized the supersyllabograms ZE, corresponding to (archaic) Greek zeu/gesi = yoked and MO mo/noj = single. This being the case, it is also more than likely that he was aware of the existence of at least some of the 39 supersyllabograms in Linear B, and this is significant, because it was he who first latched onto Michael Ventris’ amazing discovery in 1952 that the Linear B syllabary was in fact the script of a very ancient and archaic Greek dialect, which we now know as Mycenaean. This raises the question, did Michael Ventris himself know about supersyllabograms? Brilliant as he was, I am greatly inclined to believe he did, but his untimely death at the young age of 34 in a terrible car accident in 1956 never gave him the chance to further develop and refine his initial decipherment of Linear B in 1952. So we shall never know. But very the idea that he may have known is truly tantalizing.
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